Royal Rawk Dynamo

YES, YEAH, HELL YEAH! We already miss the guitars in the centre on King’s Day. During the royal birthday, the (heavy) guitars are banned from in- and outside the centre by the commercial parties which have nothing to do with the underground bands and DJs.

Dynamo, together with techno organisations like Zodiak, can be perceived as the founders of the King’s and Queen’s Day festival in Eindhoven! We wanted to get back the atmosphere of the good old days – as precious as a worn and torn jacket with sentimental value.

In 2019, we want to show what these orange birthdays are all about. Let the underground be above ground! There are a lot of great bands in and around Eindhoven and they just can’t be absent from the annual orange party.

In the Loading dock and the Basement of Dynamo, you’ll find 10 bands worth hearing. From indie to metal, from deathrock to hardcore punk! All bands have a strong connection with Eindhoven, and will pump you up! Come to the city centre and experience Rock City Eindhoven, with free entrance and loads of fun! If the weather is bad, we’ll just go inside. See you at King’s Night!

Loadingdock Dynamo
Ten Hagestraat

Koningsnacht 26 april 2019
18.00-02.00 uur
Algemene informatie:
No age limit
Free admission
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Line up:
18:00u: Deuren open
19:00u: Hex (30 min)
19:30u - 20:00u: Souldust (30 min)
20:05u - 20:35u: Sowt (30 min)
20:40u - 21:10u: Ragepyre (30 min)
21:15u - 21:45u: Tsar Bompa (30 min)
21:50u - 22:30u: Heretic (40 min)
22:35u - 23:05u: On a Rampage (30 min)
23:05u - 23:45u: White Boy Wasted (40 min)
23:45u - 00:25u: Offerblok (40 min)
00:25u - 01:00u: STeel Panther Tribute (35 min)
01:05u - 01:30u: Zalm (25 min)
02:00u: Curfew