Dommelstraat 2

Koningsnacht 26 april
22.00 uur
Algemene informatie:
Age 18+
Regular tickets 20 euros per person
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Line up:
LARGE ROOM: RGB Disco Three are running during the largest indoor RGB Silent Disco DJ teams that you can switch between. High time for a party & amp; bullshit. And you're invited!

We have invited three collectives that will sound familiar to you.

Channel RED / Mama Africa Fantastic afrobeats for everyone who loves to dance likes.

Channel GREEN / Keezus Paradise Keezus is the resurrection of the saint when it comes to disco and party.

Channel Blue - Rob’a’billy Friends The uncrowned king of the Effenaar tonight's dance floor is the best but also the wrongest alternative.

SMALL ROOM: House of Rock + 90's DJs Suppose Nirvana would play a cover by DJ Paul Elstak… That's what the musicians of the latest cover sensation asked "House Of Rock". Musicians who have left their mark on the rock circuit for a long time have earned (including former members of LEFT and The Hot Stewards) bundle their forces to revive the early 90s in a way that you still remember have never experienced it. House classics from DJ Paul Elstak to Scooter and from SNAP to 2 Unlimited flying in blazing fast medley's around your ears. No keyboards, no computers, but rocking guitars and an explosive rhythm section.