Here you will find al the neseccary information about the accessibility of Eindhoven during Kingsnight and -day. Accessibility = KING!

If you are missing information regarding accessibility or have any questions, please send an email to You can also check our social media to see if there are any updates:




If any information were to change, we will update the website and app.

The city centre is closed during Kingsday. Traffic controllers and fences will guide you around the city.

If you want to know where there will be traffic jams you can check the map with roadworks and events. You can plan your route prior to traveling to Eindhoven. Make sure you select 26-04-2022 and 27-04-2022 as the desired travel date and insert your travel time.

Several parking garages are not or only partly accessible. Check which ones here.

If you want to park your car in Eindhoven you can do so at the P+R terrain Meerhoven at the edge of the city. From here on you can travel to the city with public transport.

Bikes are prohibited in the city centre during Kingsday. You can park your bike at these bike storages:

18 Septemberplein

Most of the festivities are located within walking distance of the central train station. If you want to go to an event at Strijp-S it’s best to travel to Station Strijp-S.

Once you arrive at the central station, you can leave the station via the Bus-zijde (Neckerspoel). If you want to travel back to the station from the city you have to enter the station at the Centrumzijde. The route will be indicated with signs.

On the evening of april 26 and during the whole day of april 27 trains will have a special ‘Oranjedienstregeling‘. This means that the NS will use extra and longer trains. The schedule also changes. Trains can have different travel times, leave from another platform and/or have another final destination. Sometimes you have to make an extra switch to another train.

Because of Kingsnight several trains will run for longer during the night. From the night of april 27 to april 28 and further the normal schedules will be used again.

Before you travel, please check the NS Reisplanner website or download the Reisplanner Xtra app. The time schedule of trains is different on Kingsday. Also make sure to check your trip back. Some trains don’t travel all the way to your final destination.

Keep an eye on the screens and messages on stations and in the trains during your trip. These will communicate the most recent information during the day.

Just like other trainstations, the station in Eindhoven has OV-chipports. This prevents illegal traveling. What does this mean for you? It’s only possible to enter and walk through the station if you check in with an OV Chipcard that has enough money added to it. If you want to say goodbye to someone or have a drink at the station before they leave that’s possible as long as you check out within an hour.

Are you traveling by bus to Eindhoven?
1. Take your OV card with you and make sure that the balance is high enough to check in (€20 for an anonymous OV card and €10 for a personal OV card).
2. It’s also possible to walk to the centre via the Vestdijktunnel. This is located at the side of the Bijenkorf and goes under the railway. Due to the busy situation during Kingsday this might be just as fast as taking the bus.


These streets and locations will be closed for traffic before, during and after Kingsnight and Kingsday.

Area of the city centre

  • Wal: bicycle lane and walkway on the side of the Stadhuisplein closed from 23 april 09:00 until 29 april 08:00. Cyclists and pedestrians have to cross the road.
  • Wal: between Bilderdijklaan and Grote Berg closed from 26 april 14:00 until 28 april 14:00. No entry for taxi’s.
  • Boschdijktunnel: closed due to road work.
  • Emmasingel: closed due to road work.
  • Mathildelaan: closed due to road work.
  • Willemstraat: closed between Vonderweg Keizersgracht from 27 april 08:00 until 28 april 06:00. Residents can travel in/out with light hindrance.
  • Wilhelminaplein – Julianastraat – St. Catharinastraat and the Heilige Geeststraat: closed from 26 april 18:00 until 27 april 00:00.
  • Keizersgracht: closed between Emmasingel and Wal from 27 april 08:00 until 28 april 06:00.
  • Grote berg: closed between Wal and Deken van Somerenstraat from 27 april 08:00 until 28 april 00:00. De Grote berg stays closed afterwards between Paradijslaan and Wal until 28 april 14:00.
  • Paradijslaan: closed between Grote berg and Zwembadweg from 27 april 08:00 until 28 april 00:00.
  • Stratumsedijk, Bleekweg and Onderdoor closed from 26 april from 16:30 until 27 april 05:00 and 27 april 10:00 until 28 april 05:00. There is a temporary TTO taxi point here.
  • Kleine Berg and Bergstraat: closed on 27 april from 08:00 until 00:00.
  • Kanaalstraat: closed from 25 april 12:00 until 28 april 16:00. Residents and visitors of parking garage DLL can only enter via Nachtegaallaan/Kanaaldijk-Zuid.
  • Tramstraat: closed from the Augustijnendreef from 27 april 09:00 until 28 april 16:00. Driving out in the direction of Dommelstraat is permitted.

Area of the Stadswandelpark (Oranjemarkt)

  • Alberdingk Thijmlaan: parking for stadspaviljoen closed on 27 april 05:00 until 00:00.
  • Alberdingk Thijmlaan: roadway cloased from 27 april 05:00 until 10:00. One way traffic (in the direction of Boutenslaan is permitted) from 10:00 until 19:00.
  • Le Sage ten Broeklaan: roadway closed 27 april from 05:00 until 12:00.
  • Jonckbloetlaan, Broerelaan, De Genestetlaan, Coornhertlaan: entrances to the neighborhood closed on 27 april from 06:00 until 18:00.
  • Boutenslaan (ventweg noord) between Aalsterweg and Jacob van Maerlantlaan one way traffic (in the direction of Jacob van Maerlantlaan is permitted) on 27 april from 05:00 until 21:00.

Students that have free acces to public transport from monday until friday can travel with a discount of 40% during Kingsday. Students that travel for free during weekends can also travel for free on Kingsday.

The complete inner city of Eindhoven is closed for traffic. Because of this several busstops are temporarily unavailable.

For all busses and schedules from Hermes and Connexxion check or The busses of Arriva are noted on

Taxi locations during Kingsnight
Station Noordzijde Neckerspoel
Station Centrumzijde

Taxi locations during Kingsday
Station Noordzijde Neckerspoel
Station Centrum zijde

The luggage lockers at the trainstation in Eindhoven are closed from april 26 19:00 until april 28 07:00 due to safety reasons.